DryAIR Applications

Drying & Cleaning of Pipelines

DryAIR works by effectively removing harmful moisture from the discharge air of portable gas and diesel compressors.

Abrasive Blasting

DryAIR units deliver cleaner compressed air, resulting in better working blast media and virtually no contamination on blast surfaces.

Portable Compressor Air Tools

Moisture causes premature failure of paving breakers, jackhammers, rivet busters and related air tools. DryAIR will prolong the life of your tools.

  • "I don't feel we should own a compressor without one. The DryAIR removes a lot of moisture out of the air. Without it, tools are ruined faster. The proper use of the drain valve is key to the success of the unit."

    Superintendant · Cianbro
  • "We're having some very humid days here, and the DryAIR aftercoolers are working like a charm. I'm very pleased with these units."

    Gary Chase · State of Connecticut DOT
  • "We use the DryAIR year round. It keeps our blast media dry during the summer and prevents freeze-ups in the winter."

    Bridge Contractor · New England